What is my potential estate tax liability?

In 2016 estates worth up to $5.45 million will be excluded from paying federal estate tax. This means that the federal government could 'inherit' a significant portion of your estate unless you take measures to preserve your wealth. Use this federal estate tax calculator to estimate your tax liability.

Assets/Liabilities and Assumptions


Estate Distribution
Estimated Estate Tax Analysis

It appears that you do not have sufficient assets to warrant a federal estate tax liability.

(Appreciated) personal assets less debt0
(Appreciated) investment assets less debt+0
(Appreciated) business assets less debt+0
(Appreciated) net estate=0
Probate and final expenses-0
Charitable donations-0
(Appreciated) net taxable estate=0
Tentative tax liability0
Unified credit-2,125,800
Federal estate tax liability=-2,125,800
Estate reduction due to taxes0.00%